Issue Details of "Timber Permit problem"

Priority : High
Issue Submission : Public Private Dialogue
Forum : Rural enterprise forum
Participated agency : Divisional Secretariat
Date : 2017-07-04
Venue : Divisional Secretariat, Sandilipay
Organized by : NEDA
Support documents (Link) :
Support documents (Attachments) :
Number of actions taken : 0
Type of Issue : License
Sub issue : delay due to administration or procedure
Province : Northern Province
District : Jaffna
Divisional secretariats : Delft
Island North
Island South
Vadamaradchi East
Vadamaradchi North
Vadamaradchi South-West
Valikamam East
Valikamam North
Valikamam South
Valikamam South-West
Valikamam West
Scale of geographical domain : Small
Impacting domain : Economic Sector
Economic sector : 4. Manufacturing
Sectoral impact of the issue : Formal
Gender impact of the issue : Both
Vulnerability impact of the issue : None